Who I am? I would like to call myself just a creative one and feel grateful if others call me an artist. My design ideas are often inspired and strengthened by many other creative passions of mine, including photography, contemporary art and travel. But there was a period in my life when I didn´t had a clue about who or what I wanted to be, was completely disconnected from whatever talents I might have had. But I was fortune enough to had a great father who was an architect and who become more or less a mentor to me. He always encouraged me to believe in myself, follow and live my creativity in many ways. I immersed myself in work, and the years flew by. I was continually looking for to realize the next idea, the next job, the next challenge - today I think, also for to discover myself.


One constant in my schedule was travelling. Every year I visited some exotic destinations. This was adventure travel, and it usually didn´t involve luxury hotels or pampering. Lived in different countries, getting to know other cultures, different traditions and different ways of thinking. The point was to get closer to another culture and not least also to find myself.


One year I was in the mountains, hiking through a rhododendron forest. The views to the sea were incredible beautiful, but the mountain path was more suited to goats than to people. I was looking at the steps incline coming up and thinking about how I hate going uphill. When was it going to be lunchtime? All of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head. The clouds just parted, the sun was shining, and I felt the warmth on my skin. And I´ve ask myself: This moment, why I didn´t just enjoyed it, instead of worrying about what’s up ahead? I´ve learned the future will always be just out of reach. You’ll get there eventually but in the meantime, don’t miss the here and now. I don´t pretend to have absorbed this message completely. But I´m trying to become every day a little better. Because there in life, there is always a before and an after, but the point to be present and aware for all the moments in between.

From the bottom of my heart and soul I am a creative one, open-minded and curious, highly sensitive, mindful and aware of life. Richly gifted with a deep basic trust in life I feel gratitude for to be able to do what I love and love what I do. And so it is also a great pleasure for me to share all my creativity, my own experiences with others and to encourage others to believe in their own artistic creative abilities.